Humans, like the Earth, have cycles and when the body has routines, it is more accepting of those cycles. Many adults baulk at the idea of routines, saying they do not give enough time for spontaneity. Usually, those who had strict routines as children do not want routines as adults. Everyone, no matter his or her age, should have routines in their life, as they make life more manageable.

A daily routine would consist of a morning routine, daytime routine, and a bedtime routine. A morning routine may consist of getting up at the same time every morning; eating a healthy breakfast while having coffee and reading about or watching the news; having a shower; dressing and preparing for the day ahead. By “[waking] up, [getting] up, [dressing] up, and [showing] up” the day will be faced with great pride and clarity (Abraham). Appointments and deadlines will occupy much of the daytime routine, write these into the routine but also write in time for “leisure and self-care to make for a more balanced life” (Homewood). When the day is done, one will feel fulfilled and ready to start the bedtime routine. The bedtime routine may consist of the following: making lunch for the next day; turning on a crockpot with the mornings breakfast to cook slowly through the night; setting up a coffee pot to come on before the alarm goes off; a relaxing bath or shower to get the days grime off; reviewing the calendar and daybook for the following days plans; and finishing up tucked in with a good book and off to dreamland.

Adults, like children, fare much better when they feel secure. Adults require nourishment, the same as a child or baby, but with busy schedules forget to eat. Add a routine to the day, with scheduled meals, and there will be a healthier body and mind that feel secure. In addition, discipline adds to security. Hence, not only are routines important to teach children discipline, like doing homework before play, but they are also important to adults in getting their daily work done. For example, if one has a daily routine, being late for work and missing deadlines is less likely. This gives a person job security. Also, as children require time boundaries so do adults. If there is no time constraints, more time than is needed may be spent lingering while shopping, causing stress because there is no longer time for other tasks. Stress means less security. Therefore, routines can help everyone feel more secure.

Rise and Shine! Morning routines help us to have a more productive day. Why should one “wait until everyone has over slept” and late for work or school “to get a morning routine underway”? (Butler). Now just imagine having coffee and breakfast ready upon rising. Could there be a better way to start the day? One may think it is impossible without a live in Chef but it is all within reach. It takes less than five minutes, after dinner and with a bedtime routine, to set the coffee pot up to come on and brew before getting up and to put oatmeal in a small crockpot to cook slowly through the night. Getting up at the same time each morning helps the body to know what to expect making it much easier to get up early. This will allow time, for not only Productivity but also Leisure and Self-care. Therefore, not only does a morning routine save time, it also saves money because breakfast, coffee, and lunch were prepared the night before so there is no need to eat these meals at a restaurant and is much better for one’s health.

At the end of a long day, one may be exhausted “not wanting to do anything but hit the sac.” (Lewis). Nevertheless, the mind is not ready to settle down just yet. Lying in the bed feeling restless, the mind running none stop, settling down seems impossible. This is where a good bedtime routine will come in handy. By going through the same steps each evening the body learns what to expect, and when it is time for slumber, it know to settles down. Take, for example, children who have bedtime routines settle down to sleep more quickly than those who do not. Children who do not get enough sleep “have a harder time controlling their emotions and may be irritable and hyper” (WebMD’s editorial staff in collaboration with Sanford Health Systems). Adults are very much the same way. If one were to start, just after dinner, setting up for the next morning, then relaxing, when it came time for bed the body would know and would relax.

In conclusion, everyone should have some type of routine. They are invaluable for good health and productivity. Even I you had a strict routine as a child, give a route a chance as they give direction, even when not followed 100%. Finally, I say “Get up, Dress up, Show up, and Never give up” (Abraham).


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